About Reglazing!
West Side Reglazing specializes in hard surface refinishing and repairs (bathtubs, tile walls, kitchen counter, sinks etc.) for homeowners, apartment owners, property management companies and general contractors. Our company focuses on providing excellent customer service and high quality work in order to build a faithful clientele base. We also make our schedule with your needs in mind.

Bathtub reglazing is a solution when you get an old, tired looking bathtub which may be discolored, rusty or even cracked. At first you think that you have to fork out money to buy a new bathtub, but thanks to the bathtub refinishing process, it is possible to renovate your old bathtub into a brand new one.

How much will I save with bathtub refinishing as opposed to replacement?

Refinishing your bathtub will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over bathtub replacement. While a brand new bathtub may only cost $300, there are often several hidden costs to replacing such as removal and disposal costs, plumbing alterations, and tile work. These costs add up, and you can easily end up spending nearly $2,500 to replace your bathtub. The total cost of refinishing varies depending on the size of your tub. 

Reglazing has become a very popular bathroom and kitchen remodeling solution because properly done, it is fast, inexpensive, and surprisingly durable. With a variety of solid colors and stone-like speckled finishes available, we are sure we can find the perfect color for you! Any old worn bathtub, sink or counter-top surface can be transformed into a beautiful like-new fixture that greatly enhances the beauty of a kitchen or bathroom, without the great expense of replacing fixtures that occur with a full tear out remodel.

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